‘Here you will be able to find some papers from the ANZSEE 2015 Conference. These papers have been double blind peer reviewed. A set of other articles from the conference have been published in the International Journal of Rural Law and Policy. These papers and articles should be read together and present a timely contribution of new ideas that help transform the human existence to one that is more sustainable’.


Conference Paper – New ideas for local to global sustainability – an introduction to ‘thriving through transformation’ – Boyd Blackwell

Conference Paper – The Security of Water Resources – John Greenway

Conference Paper – Minimizing Social Externalities of Major Resource Projects: a Way Forward through Shared Value – Anna Phelan, Les Dawes, Robert Costanza, Ida Kubiszewski

Conference Paper – Functional remoteness in sparsely populated areas of Australia – Judith Lovell

Conference Paper – A Dynamic Evaluation of the Impacts of an Emissions Trading Scheme on the Australian Economy and Emissions Levels – Duy Nong, Sam Meng, Mahinda Siriwardana

Conference Paper – Ecological Economics and The Cosmic Bank – Joshua Nash