Executive Profiles 2019


Dr Boyd Blackwell

Boyd Blackwell  As President, Boyd leads the Society into another biennial conference year. He joined the society as a young university student late in the last century and found the ‘esprit de corp’ with its members, conferences, intellectual discussions and research impact. Today is no different, with members of the society making significant ‘local to global’ transformative contributions to all areas of society and the economy. Since joining the society, Boyd has been an active member and prior to becoming President, he was the Treasurer. Boyd belongs to ANZSEE because he believes in the philosophy of combining principles of ecology and economics and working in multi-disciplinary teams to solve problems of global significance. He also believes that real community change comes from the people themselves and the groups that they develop like ANZSEE.



Dr Anitra Nelson

ANCUOct2018 Anitra Nelson has been on the ANZSEE Committee since 2015 and a member of the International Society of Ecological Economics since 2001. In 2019 she coordinates the ANZSEE 2019 Conference to be held 24–26 November at RMIT University (Melbourne) under the auspice of the Centre for Urban Research. Research interests center on achieving global environmental sustainability through human social change. She has published articles in journals such as Ecological Economics and Capitalism Nature Socialism, writes posts for the Progress in Political Economy site. Recent book publications (2018) are Small is Necessary: Shared Living on a Shared Planet — on smaller dwellings and eco-collaborative housing and land to achieve one planet footprints — and Housing for Degrowth: Principles, Models, Challenges and Opportunities (lead co-editor).

Website: https://anitranelson.info/


Dr Anna (Anya) Phelan

Photo A.Phlean Anya is the Director of the UQ Global Change Scholars Program and Research Fellow   at the University of Queensland Business School. Anya joined as a Treasurer of ANZSEE in 2018. She has twenty years professional and academic experience including collaborative interdisciplinary research and technical consulting, and her current research themes lie at the interface between ecological and behavioural economics and encompass: sustainable livelihoods, ocean plastic pollution, small-scale fisheries, and community-based ecotourism.

Secretary (and Public Officer)

Dr Peter Daniels

Peter Daniels Peter Daniels is an ecological economist at the School of Environment at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. His research covers many aspects of ecological, environmental, welfare, and social economics with specific foci in sustainability and wellbeing indicators, alternative economic system, sustainable consumption, and techniques for measuring and reducing the impact of humans on nature.

Communications Manager

Lee Tan

Lee_Headshot  Lee is a Statistician and an Environment/International Development Consultant.  She is currently pursuing a Masters by Research at RMIT and is writing a thesis on the environmental justice and governance of the rare earth supply chains of an Australian mining company.  Although Lee is new to ANZSEE, she has worked in the environmental NGO sector for decades, including over ten years as the Asia-Pacific Co-ordinator for the Australian Conservation Foundation.  She has extensive experience in policy development and advocacy in Australia and at the international financial institutions (World Bank and Asian Development Bank) level.  She also has hands-on experience working with local communities exploring alternative ecologically sustainable and culturally empowering livelihoods including community-based eco-tourism.   Lee has a wide network of civil society organisations and contacts working towards ecological sustainability in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Executive Members

Dr Md Younus

Younus 2999AC0076842013290_P Younus is an Adjunct Fellow at the department of Geography, Environment and Population, Faculty of Arts, Adelaide University, Australia, joined as an Executive of ANZSEE in 2007. He has published two books on climate change vulnerability and adaptation; and 24 articles/papers in international refereed journals and proceedings. His publications have been cited in academic literature across the World. He taught / coordinated several courses on environment at Flinders University, Australia. Younus is an editor / associate / assigned /academic Editor / advisory / editorial board member / reviewer of dozens of international journals. He is a Fellow / member / life member of 19 International Academic and Development Societies. Younus has 26 years of experience, doing research and teaching on environmental decision making issues: adaptation / resilience, hazard management  and development at community levels, and looking at their links and solutions with ecological / environmental economics.

Kim McClymont

Paul Dargusch

Leo Mercer


Co-Opted Executives

David Hay