ANZSEE 2007 Conference Session Times
Session A: Wednesday 09:30 am-10:30 am
Room Name   Title Time
1 Blackwell Boyd  The ecoservice values for some of Australia’s natural coastal assets: How much are our coasts worth and what’s missing from the mosaic? 9:30am-10am
1 Lukasiewicz Anna  The Pre-Conditions Necessary for Successful PES Programs 10am-10:30am
2 Baxter Tom What Price National Heritage? A call for change 9:30am-10am
2 Pearson Leonie A decision support framework that enables urban water systems managers to achieve sustainable decision-making  10am-10:30am
3 Flemmer Rory The Relationship between Environmental Sustainability and Input-Output Analysis of the New Zealand Dairy Farming and Dairy Processing Sectors 9:30am-10am
3 Paull John  Certified Organic Timber: the Hippocratic Opportunity 10am-10:30am
4 Schandl Heinz Socio-metabolic transitions in developing Asia 9:30am-10am
4 Zhang Juyong  Economic Development and Environmental Protection in China 10am-10:30am
Session B: Wednesday 1:30 pm-2 pm
Room Name   Title Time
1 McKenzie Marteena Institutional Arrangements for Oil Palm Cultivation in Sarawak, Malaysia: Implications for Landholders 1:30pm-2pm
2 Sekar C Water Harvesting Technologies- Conservation and Sustainability of Natural Resources and Social Security of Stakeholders 1:30pm-2pm
Session C: Wednesday 2 pm-3 pm
Room Name   Title Time
1 Graymore Michelle  Producing a GIS based multiple criteria analysis tool for regional sustainability assessment: the problem of weighting 2pm-2:30pm
1 Olsen Shane  Ecosystem Services and Environmental Flows: a case study of the North West Bay River, Tasmania 2:30pm-3pm
2 Tiles Mary  Technologies and sustainable environments 2pm-2:30pm
2 Gray Matthew Systematic Policymaking with the Institutionalist Policymaking Framework 2:30pm-3pm
3 Crawford Julian  Practical Lessons in Whole of Organisation Sustainability Thinking  2pm-2:30pm
3 Cook David  Addressing market and institutional failures in managing invasive species: Insights from bio-mimicry and adaptive governance 2:30pm-3pm
4 Hatfield Dodds Steve Adaptive governance:  An introduction, and implications for public policy  2pm-2:30pm
4 Chapman Ralph  Reinventing the New Zealand Treasury as a ministry of sustainable development 2:30pm-3pm
Session D: Wednesday 4:15 pm-6:15 pm
Room Name   Title Time
1 Lawn Philip  A Genuine Progress Indicator Study of Queensland, 1986-2005 4:15pm-4:45pm
1 Maine Tony  Towards a Metric of Sustainability 4:45pm-5:15pm
1 Richards Anneke  An Index of Regional Sustainability (AIRS): Incorporating system processes into sustainability assessment 5:15pm-5:45pm
1 Bechtold Ulrike  Indicators and what else - emergent properties as touchstones for sustainability processes 5:45pm-6:15pm
2 Partridge Emma  Deep green, deeply ambivalent, or just like the rest of us? Young people, participation and the environment’ 4:15pm-4:45pm
2 Mulder Ivo   Assessing Exposure of Biodiversity Business Risks to Financial Institutions and Identifying Options for Business Opportunities 4:45pm-5:15pm
2 Krohn Jack  A participative approach to sustainability in action: Mornington Peninsula and Western Port Biosphere Reserve Foundation. 5:15pm-5:45pm
2 Stephens Anne Exploring a systemic framework for intervening in a current local sustainability issue – Traveston Crossing Dam 5:45pm-6:15pm
3 Reeks Ella Markets, institutions, and sustainability: developing new markets for environmental sustainability 4:15pm-4:45pm
3 Warrick Olivia  Development, Forest Conservation and Adaptation to Climate Change: a Case for Integrated Community-Based Sustainability in Rural Vanuatu  4:45pm-5:15pm
3 Hughey K.F.D.  Adding another top and bottom line to Sustainability thinking in small to medium sized local authorities – application to a small New Zealand local authority 5:15pm-5:45pm
3 Milner Craig Redefining Organisations: The New Face of Business (Sustainable Evolution to a Sustainable Organization) 5:45pm-6:15pm
Jarvie  Deborah
4 Younus M A F  Can Failure Effects of ‘Autonomous Adaptation’ in Relation to Extreme Flood Events in South Asia Cope With Future Climate Change? - A Case of Bangladesh 4:15pm-4:45pm
4 Abhyankar Anuradha  Composite Manufacture from Waste Powder Coatings: a Step toward  Industrial Ecology 4:45pm-5:15pm
4 Thankappan Samarthia  Dealing with climate change impacts: the case of UK agri-food sector  5:15pm-5:45pm
4 Will Chantal  Tracking change in complex systems in search of sustainable decisions 5:45pm-6:15pm
Session E: Thursday 8:30 am-10:30 am
Room Name   Title Time
1 Diesendorf Mark  Renewable Energy as a Major Component of Greenhouse Response: Refutation of the Base-load Fallacy 8:30am-9am
1 Tisdell John Point and non-point emission trading markets 9am-9:30am
1 El Hanandeh Ali  A new Stochastic Multi-criteria Decision Analysis Tool based on ELECTRE III Method 9:30am-10am
1 Warrick Richard  SimCLIM: Recent developments and applications of an integrated model for risk-based assessments of climate change impacts and adaptation  10am-10:30am
2 Sanders Richard Sustainability  8:30am-9am
2 Gollagher Margaret  Corporations and Deliberative Democracy: Finding Common Ground for ‘Our Common Future’ 9am-9:30am
2 Choi Mihee  Citizen’s Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment for Highway Project in Korea: a Case Study of Chuncheon-Yangyang Highway 9:30am-10am
2 Mitchell Cynthia   Creating change through deliberation and learning systems 10am-10:30am
3 Cheyne Christine Coasting along: contemporary institutional barriers to integrating the four well-beings in planning for sustainable coastal development in New Zealand 8:30am-9am
3 Chantrill Paul  Working towards Integrated Environmental Management – A review of key regional governance initiatives in New Zealand after the Local Government Act 2002 9am-9:30am
3 Murombo Tumai  Beyond Public Participation: An analysis of the disconnection between South Africa's new EIA law and sustainable development 9:30am-10am
3 Wright Stuart  Decision-Making in the European Water Framework Directive: the Potential Consequences of a Neoclassical Approach 10am-10:30am
4 Smith Greg  Australian Electricity Supply: Orientations to Growth and Prospects for Sustainability 8:30am-9am
4 McNeill Judith  The economics of climate change: An examination of the McKibbin-Wilcoxen hybrid proposal for a carbon price for Australia 9am-9:30am
4 McGregor Ian  Limiting Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions - An Urgent and Overdue Ecological Economics Measure on Climate Change 9:30am-10am
4 Kimmet Philip  The ‘Eco-Efficient’ Airport Metropolis: Aligning Economics, Stakeholder Interests and Environmental Objectives  10am-10:30am
Session F: Thursday 2 pm-4:30 pm
Room Name   Title Time
1 Forgie Vicky  The need for ‘convention’ in environmental valuation 2pm-2:30pm
1 Golubiewski Nancy  Ecosystem Services benefits in terrestrial ecosystems for Iwi: Biophysical accounting of ecosystem services 2:30pm-3pm
1 Mobarghei Naghmeh  Analysis of survey base methods in ecosystem services valuation and introduction of more appropriate methods to achieve reliable results especially in developing countries 3:30pm-4pm
1 Scarpa Riccardo Choice-experiments for wind-farms location and Nature Conservation in Southern Chile: a maximum likelihood approach to utility in the WTP-space 4pm-4:30pm
2 Napp Bernie   The Value of Conservation: Not a “lock-up” of resources but a “lift-off” for their sustainable development 2pm-2:30pm
2 Chong Joanne  Decision making during drought – paternalism or participation?  2:30pm-3pm
2 Chong Joanne  Valuing the Health of the Yarra River: Contingent Valuation Revisited by a Citizens’ Jury 3:30pm-4pm
2 Spruyt Danielle  The economic weight of values: testing the waters of the Top End (NT) 4pm-4:30pm
3 Jotzo Frank  Fiddling while carbon burns: why climate policy needs pervasive emission pricing as well as technology promotion 2pm-2:30pm
3 Safaei Farzad  An Incentive-Based Approach for Managing Pollution and Attaining Economic Sustainability 2:30pm-3pm
3 Ward John The potential for carbon trading in the SA Murray Darling Basin: Integrated methods to account for heterogeneous attitudes and behaviour in the design of market based policies 3:30pm-4pm
3 Riedy Chris  Pricing and decision-making in the Australian electricity, road transport and water sectors: Towards sustainability? 4pm-4:30pm
4 Smith Tanzi   Implications of the synergies between systems theory and permaculture for learning about and acting towards sustainability  2pm-2:30pm
4 Ranjan Ram  Economic and Ecological Resilience 2:30pm-3pm
4 Cox Melanie Sustainability reporting in SEQ 3:30pm-4pm
4 Gradwohl Markus  New Zealand: Trade and Environment of an antipodean settler’s colony 4pm-4:30pm