About the ANZSEE 2002 Conference

Strategies into action: regional and industry policy applications of ecologically sustainable development

You are invited to participate in the 2002 ANZSEE conference.

The conference will explore how regional strategies (local to national and beyond) and industry (sectoral) policies can help create an ecologically sustainable economy.

The conference will have keynote speakers, contributed papers, workshops and discussions. It will give an opportunity to report on ecological economics work done and to explore the agenda for future work.

Everyone who is interested in the creation of an ecologically sustainable economy is welcome to participate. You don't have to be an economist or an ecologist - or a current member of ANZSEE!

It is now widely recognised that the achievement of ecological sustainability requires decisive action, at the right scale and speed. So all communities need to engage actively in goal-directed innovation and structural change.

The 2002 ANZSEE conference takes up this challenge - looking especially at regional economies and industry sectors. Speakers and workshops will address questions such as: 

- What should ecologically sustainable, socially just economies look like - generally and in specific areas? And why? 

- How can ecologically sustainable, socially just economies be created? 

- How should primary industry, manufacturing and services change? 

- How far and how fast should the changes go? 

- How should innovation and structural change be focussed and driven?

- What intellectual foundations do sustainability strategies for regional economies and industry sectors need? 

- How are the multiple facets of society, the environment, the economy and social equity to be integrated with no major trade-offs? 


Ecological economics: 
the knowledge-base for creating an ecologically sustainable economy


Author: Philip Sutton
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