Steve Dodds

Treasury Department / Australian National University

Steve Hatfield Dodds works on tax policy issues in the Australian Treasury, and is a part time doctoral student at the Australian National University. In the first half of 1998 he took study leave to visit the University of California at Berkley, Cambridge University in the UK, and to take a position as a Visiting Fellow at the Sustainable Futures Institute at the University of Technology, Sydney. He has also taught on sustainable development and recent Australian economic history and policy at the Australian National University.

Research interests include sustainable development, optimal taxation, economic instruments, and economic philosophy particularly in relation to ideas of progress and well-being. His recent academic work focuses on the analysis of different approaches to sustainable development and their policy implications; the development of a better understanding of well-being in economic theory and policy; and the links between world views, ethics and `the good society'.

Professional involvement includes membership of the Executive Committee of the Australian and New Zealand Society for Ecological Economics (ANZSEE), the Corporate Sustainability Network, the Board of the Zadok Institute for Christianity and Society, and the steering group of the Zadok Economics and Public Policy Group.


Last updated: July 1998