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Thursday 9:00-10:15 Opening Plenary

Chair: Mike Young, Chair, Organising Committee, ISEE 2000

Matilda House and Ngunnawal Aboriginal Dancers
Traditional Welcome

Deane Terrell, Vice Chancellor, Australian National University

Robert Hill, Australian Minister for the Environment
Managing Australias Environment

Dick Norgaard, President, International Society for Ecological Economics
Value Systems and Environmental Systems: Toward a Richer Coevolution Again

Thursday 10:15-11:00 Morning Tea

Thursday 11:00-12:30 Plenary Session

Global Issues
Chair: Mark Diesendorf

Amory Lovins
Natural capitalism: Winning in business by behaving as if nature were properly valued

Manfred Max-Neef
Consumerism, sustainability, and the good society

Thursday 12:30-2:00 Lunch

Thursday 12:30-2:00 Posters

Larissa Chermont
Waste management in an Amazonian city - Belem do Para lessons and experiences

Caroline Gallez
Environmental management: one name, various behaviours towards sustainability

Neha Khanna
Measuring environmental quality: an index of pollution

Carl N. McDaniel, John M. Gowdy
Nauru: a failure of weak sustainability

Toshiaki Mizuno, Saburo Ikeda
Satoyama ecosystem in Japanese farmland: from the sustainable landscape to the collapse of biodiversity

Anitra Nelson
Round the Bend Conservation Co-operative

Rosimeiry Portela, Ida Rademacher
A dynamic model of the effects of patterns of deforestation on the ability of the Brazilian Amazon to provide ecosystem services

Robert Rattle
Uniting social and health impact assessments within an environmental impact assessment

Karl Schaefer
Municipal water pricing and sustainable water use in Ontario, Canada

Thursday 12:30-2:00 Student Group Meeting

Thursday 2:00-3:30 Parallel Sessions

Thursday 2:00-3.30
Agriculture in Developing Countries
Chair: Agnes Rola

Bustanul Arifin
Farm-level economics of land degradation

Michael Loevinsohn, Agnes Rola
Policies, research and relevance: the case of pesticides and pest management in the Philippines

Anandan Pouchepparadjou
Policy instrument for controlling non-point pollution from agriculture in a developing country- a case of India

Teluve Prakash, David Pearce
Environmental sustainability in the context of agricultural development - the case of Karnataka agriculture - India

Thursday 2:00-3.30
Business, the Environment and Sustainability
Chair: Philip Sutton

Jacques Demajorovic, Carmen Silvia Sanches
Social learning and environmental indicators: prospects for companies

Caroline Gallez
Sustainable behaviour of industry induced by regional environmental policies: application to the Belgium hydroecosystems

Jorg Kohn
Living with the environment: designing industry for sustainability

Irmi Seidl, Sigrid Stagl
Institutional change for sustainable local food markets

Saturday 2:00-3:30
Ecological Economics Education -- Initiatives and Needs
Chair: Sabine O'Hara
Open-format session

Thursday 2:00-3.30
Environmental Kuznets Curve I
Chair: David Stern

Colin Butler
Towards a theory for a global environmental Kuznets curve

John Lintott
Is development a story with a happy ending? Environmental and other Kuznets curves.

Daan van Soest, Erwin Bulte
Environmental degradation in developing countries: households and the (reverse) environmental Kuznets curve

Thursday 2:00-3.30
Forest Management I
Chair: Wendy Proctor

Alejandro Caparros-Gass, Pablo Campos-Palacin, David Martin-Barroso, Carlos Abad Balboa
Influence of recreational services and carbon dioxide abatement on optimal bio-economic determination of forest rotation

Larissa Chermont
The determinants of fire and prevention efforts in the Brazilian Amazon

Joshua Farley
Obstacles and incentives to socially rational investment in natural capital: the case of riparian rainforest restoration in the Atherton Tablelands, Queensland, Australia

Rene Charles Salzmann, Thomas Gerber
Wildlife and forest management models: effective implementation of forestry policy targets

Thursday 2:00-3.30
Green Accounting and Sustainability Modelling
Chair: Maria del Carmen Vera Diaz

Dirgha Tiwari
Green accounting: natural resource depreciation and environmental costs and implications for environmental policy integration in Nepal

Maria del Carmen Vera Diaz, Mario M. Amin
Integrating mineral resources depletion into Eastern Amazonia's GDP (Para-Brazil)

Dina Franceschi, James Randall Kahn
The role of capital, mineral resources and environmental resources in the sustainable development of the Brazilian Amazon

James Casey, Jill Caviglia, James Randall Kahn, Alexandre Rivas
Information and the subsistence farmer's decision to deforest

Thursday 2:00-3.30
Integrated Natural Resource and Environmental Management of the Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment
Chair: Bill Watson
Open-format session. Panel-members: Bill Watson, Bob Wasson, David Lindenmayer

Thursday 2:00-3.30
Policy Monitoring and Evaluation I
Chair: Michael Getzner

Gianni Cicia, Elisabetta D'Ercole, Luigi Cembalo
The EU policy for agrochemical inputs use reduction: a comparison of current and potential policies in a rural area of Southern Italy

Michael Getzner
Economics of species and nature protection: empirical evidence from Austria

Per Mickwitz
Is it as bad as it sounds or as good as it looks? The experiences of Finnish water permits

Thursday 2:00-3.30
The Greening of Corporations? Economic and Social Forces of Institutional Change in the Developing World
Chair: Aaron Padilla

Murat Arsel
Mining for change: the triple transformation of business, state and civil society in Turkey

Aaron Padilla
The Ogoni in Nigeria: a study of the institutions of global environmental accountability

Ekaterina Busireva
Ecological issues as business activities

Thursday 2:00-3.30
Valuation I
Chair: Rosemary James

Mahfuzuddin Ahmed, Gloria M. Umali, Mary France Rull
Economic valuation of coral reefs in the Philippines

Kun H John, So Y. Kuh
Preservation value of ecological resources in the transfrontier areas: the case of Korean demilitarised zones

Hiroyasu Oka, Hidesato Kanomata
Does the type of surrounding forests make any difference on the price of residential land? And why?

Robert Richardson, John Loomis
A comprehensive analysis of the economic benefits of wilderness

Thursday 3:30-4:00 Afternoon Tea

Thursday 4:00-6:00 Parallel Sessions

Thursday 4:00-6:00
Biophysical-Economic Modeling
Chair: Elizabeth Wilman

Marty Anderies
Demographics, economic growth, and sustainable ecological economic structures

Paola Antonello, Sabrina Santucci
Uncertainty and the conservation of wilderness: a model of sustainable development applied to Abruzzo National Park

Pinaki Chakraborti
Optimal environmental expenditure

Marco Janssen, J. C. J. M. van den Bergh
Modelling physical and behaviour processes in an ecological economic system

Elizabeth Wilman
An economic model of Aboriginal fire stick farming

Thursday 4:00-6:00
Climate Change I
Chair: Richard Howarth

Richard Denniss
Paying to protect the environment: any volunteers?

Clive Hamilton, Hal Turton
Applying the IPAT formula: population growth and greenhouse gas emissions in OECD countries

Richard Howarth, Kjell Arne Brekke
Contingent wants and climate stabilisation

Michael Tucker
Trading carbon tradeable offsets under Kyoto's clean development mechanism: the economic advantages to buyers and sellers of using call options

Jing Xu
Health impacts of climate change: an analysis

Thursday 4:00-6:00
Ecological Economics: General
Chair: John Peet

Ralf Buckley
The messy monster model of the human economy.

Mohan Munasinghe
Sustainomics: a transdisciplinary framework for making development more sustainable applied to climate change

John Peet
Freedom. . . to choose an ecological economics of sustainability

Bastiaan Reydon, Antonio Demanboro
The interdisciplinary limits in science: a proposal for obtaining environmental harmony using Bohm's concept of wholeness

Tian Shi, Sihua Liu,
The progress of ecological economics in China

Thursday 4:00-6:00
Energy in Developing Countries
Chair: Randall Spalding-Fecher

Snigdha Chakrabarti, Subhendu Chakrabarti
Cost-benefit analysis of rural electrification program with solar energy

Raul O'Ryan, Sebastian Miller, Carlos J. de Miguel
Is there a double dividend from green taxes in Chile?

Randall Spalding-Fecher
Environmental benefits of electrification in developing countries: a quantitative assessment in South Africa

Randall Spalding-Fecher, Bernhard Graeber
Southern African electricity development and the environment: multi-criteria decision making and evaluation of future development paths

Thursday 4:00-6:00
Industrial Environmental Performance and Accounting
Chair: Philip Sutton

Jouni Korhonen
On industrial ecology in ecological economics policy

Geoff Lamberton
Accounting for sustainable development at the organisational level

Daniel Tyteca, Frans Berkhout, Jerome Carlens, Julia Hertin, Xander Olsthoorn, Marcus Wagner, Walter Wehrmeyer
Environmental indicators in industry - the MEPI experience

Ceres Zenaide Barbosa, Jose Lamertine Tavora Junior, Denise Dumke de Medeiros
Proposal of a model of environmental management system (EMS) implementation process costs and benefit analysis

Emil Hast
How to make marginal improvements into steps towards sustainability

Thursday 4:00-6:00
Integrative Frameworks and Methods: Connecting Disciplines, Solving Problems I
Chair: Steve Dovers

Sasha Courville
Expanding the concept of flows and social and environmental accounting: two approaches for integration

Stephen Dovers
Approaching policy processes and institutions informed by sustainability, history, ecology and traditional fields of public policy.

David Dumaresq
Theory and practice in 20 years of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary eduction in human ecology and methods

Helen Ross
How do people shape their environments? a theoretical framework

Lorrae Van Kerkhoff
Integrated or accumulated? Moving beyond conglomerate environmental research

Thursday 4:00-6:00
International Environmental Governance
Chair: Lyuba Zarsky

Mahadev Bhat
Protecting indigenous knowledge under the new international intellectual property rights regime

Alfred Endres, Cornelia Ohl
International environment cooperation in the one shot prisoners' dilemma

Eric Neumayer
How regime theory could learn from the economic theory of international environmental cooperation and vice versa: a plea for inter-disciplinary research

Robert Randall
A global carbon impost for sustainable development with limitations of intergovernmental emissions trading

Lyuba Zarsky
Havens, halos, and spaghetti: untangling the relationship between foreign direct investment and the environment

Thursday 4:00-6:00
Land Degradation in Agriculture
Chair: Rachel Pushparajah-Lorenzen

Shuyi Feng, Nico Heerink, Qu Futian, Rured Ruben
Study on socio-economic policy reforms and sustainable land use at farmer household level: a case study in Jiangsu Province, China

Peter Grist
Sustainability of upland agriculture in the Philippines: evaluating the potential of a tree fallow system

Stefan Hajkowicz, Mike Young
Assessing the economic impacts of land degradation in Australia

Rachel Pushparajah Lorenzen, Andre Radlinsky, Werner Hediger
Ways to improve livelihood-systems of farming-families in Chetilla, Cajamarca in the Northern Peruvian Andes

Futian Qu, Feng Shuyi, Huang Xianjin
Economic policy reforms and soil degradation in China: a primary approach at the farmer household level

Thursday 4:00-6:00
Perspectives on Consumption
Chair: Inge Ropke

Jack Manno
Privileged goods: commodity potential as a concept for understanding and overcoming the barriers to a sustainable economy

Robert Rattle
Beyond values: do our cures for overconsumption blind us from solutions?

Inge Ropke
Domestic technologies, everyday life and the environment

Steven Rose
Rural households and common property resources: insight into the vicious cycle

Jeroen C. J. M. van den Bergh, A. Ferrer-i-Carbonell
Testing theories of sustainable consumption

Thursday 4:00-6:00
Policy Instruments and Frameworks
Chair: Jim Crosthwaite

Glen Lauder, Paul Blaschke
Halting the decline in New Zealand's biodiversity - national challenge and bioregional response

Jim Crosthwaite
The farm business and strategies for sustainable agriculture and biodiversity conservation

Gamini Herath, Angela Dwyer
The use of the precautionary principle in the management of the environment in Australia: The issues

Tingsong Jiang, Warwick McKibbin
Assessment of China's pollution levy system: an equilibrium pollution approach

Thursday 4:00-6:00
Valuation II
Chair: Judith Schultz
Adam G. Drucker, Simon Anderson, Veronica Gomez
Putting domestic animal genetic resource valuation methodologies into practice: The case of the Mexican Criole Pig

Bibiana Lanzilotta Mernies, Jorge Campanella
Contingency valuation: sanitation tax as a solution for the subsoil contamination in Solymar (Uruguay)

Jacques Ribemboim
Monetary valuation of the Brazilian national park 'Chapada Dos Veadeiros' using travel costs

John Rolfe, Peter Donaghy
Assessing the case for tighter controls over broadscale tree clearing in Queensland

Judith A. Meyer Schultz
Aquaculture of salmon and shrimp: impact of scale on economic valuing, environmental quality and sustainability

Thursday 6:00-7:00 ISEE Business Meeting


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