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Heritage Economics: Challenges for Heritage Conservation and Sustainable Development in the 21st Century

Facilitated By - Mr Mike Young
Co-Facilitator - Valentine Thurairaja

Date - Tuesday 4 July 2000
Venue - Manning Clarke Centre, Theatre 5

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Session Chairman - Mr Mike Young 
Chairman, ANZSEE
Chairman ISEE 2000 Conference

Mike Young is the Director of the Policy and Economic Research Unit of CSIRO Land and Water in South Australia.  His work focuses on the ecological, economic and social issues that underpin sustainable regional development and long-term management of the Australian landscape.  Mike's work with the CSIRO plays and important part in the delivery of large-scale solutions to major national natural resource management problems.

8:18 AM Registration
8:45 AM Opening ceremony
Mr Peter King
The Australian Heritage Commission
9:00 AM Economic Valuation of Cultural Heritage Sites: Insights from the World Bank Experience
Dr John Dixon
Lead Environmental Economist

Environment Department
The World Bank, USA (To be confirmed)
9:30 AM Economics and Heritage Conservation Concepts Values and Agenda
Ms Marta de la Torre Group Director, or Ms Erika Avrami Project Specialist, Getty Conservation Institute USA (To be confirmed)
10:00 AM Cultural Capital, Economics and Sustainability: Theoretical Framework
Professor David Throsby
Professor of Economics
Macquarie University, Australia
10:30 AM Morning Tea
Session A1 Economic Impacts and Valuation of Natural and Cultural Heritage
Session Chairperson TBA
11:00 AM The Economic Evaluation of Cultural Heritage Projects: Methodological Framework from a European Experience
Professor Stephen Wanhill
Bournemouth University, United Kingdom (to be confirmed)
11:30 AM Natural Heritage Valuation Methods: Applications to Cultural Heritage
Professor Jeff Bennett
Professor of Environment Management
National Centre for Development Studies
Australian National University, Australia
12:00 PM The Economic Value of the Port Arthur Site to the Tasmanian Economy
Professor Bruce Felmingham
University of Tasmania, Australia
12:30 PM The Regional Economic Impacts of Tourism in Mining Heritage Towns
Professor Trevor Mules
Co-operative Research Centre for Sustainable Tourism
University of Canberra, Australia
Session A2 Regional and Cultural Heritage Tourism
Session Chairperson TBA
11:00 AM Loss of Regional Heritage and Development of Regional Heritage Tourism in Western Countries
Professor Richard Butler
University of Surrey, UK (to be confirmed)
11:20 AM Development of Heritage and Regional Tourism in Australia
Dr Peter Robins
Bureau of Tourism Research, Australia
11:50  Coastal Heritage Tourism Development in Australia
Dr Danny O'Hare
University of Technology Queensland, Australia
12:10 PM The Economic Rationale for Adaptive Reuse in Cultural Tourism - A Case Study of the Sydney Quarantine Station
Dr Simon McArthur
Consultant Missing Link Tourism Consultants, Australia
12:30 PM The Tourism Futures Simulator: Application to Cultural Heritage Management
Dr Paul Walker and Dr Romy Greiner
CSIRO Queensland, Australia
12:50 PM Indigenous Heritage Tourism and its Economic Value in Australia
Dr Heather Zeppel
Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Leisure and Tourism
University of Newcastle, Australia
  BREAK FOR LUNCH : 1:00pm  TO  2:00pm
Session B1 Urban Heritage Conservation
Session Chairperson TBA
2:00 PM Urban Heritage Loss in Australia: An overview
Professor Bill Logan
President ICOMOS (Australia) and Professor of Cultural Heritage Studies,
Deakin University, Australia
2:20 PM Economics of Urban Heritage Conservation in Australia: An Evaluation of Economic Incentives and Heritage Controls
Emeritus Professor Anthony Chisholm
La Trobe University, Australia
2:40 PM Private Benefits versus Public Costs in Commercial and Industrial Property Developments involving Heritage Buildings
Associate Professor Peter Abelson
Macquarie University, Australia
3:00 PM Urban Heritage Revitalisation: Adaptive Reuse of Urban Heritage Buildings
Ms Roz Hanson
Hanson & Associates, Melbourne, Australia
Session 2B Integrating Cultural and Natural Heritage Values
2:00 PM Integrated Heritage Management: The New Paradigm
Professor Michael Hall
University of Otago, New Zealand
2:30 PM Conserving Cultural Heritage Values in Natural Areas: The Australian Experience
Commissioner Jane Lennon
The Australian Heritage Commission, Australia
2:50 PM Integrating Culture and Nature in National Parks: The US Experience
Dr Nora Mitchell
United States National Park Service, USA (to be confirmed)
3:20 PM Natural and Cultural Values in Indigenous Communities in Australia and the Pacific
Dr Elspeth Young and Dr Padma Lal
National Centre for Development Studies
The Australian National University, Australia
3:40 PM Conflicts in Natural and Cultural Heritage - Australian Experience
Dr Michael Lockwood
Charles Sturt University, Australia
4:00 PM Afternoon Tea
4:30 PM  TO  5:00 PM
4:30 PM Urban Heritage Conservation
Chairperson summary of papers and comments
4:40 PM Integrating Cultural and Natural Heritage Values
Chairperson summary of papers and comments
4:50 PM Regional and Cultural Heritage Tourism
Chairperson summary of papers and comments
5:00 PM Economic Impacts and Valuation of Natural and Cultural Heritage

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