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Organisers and Acknowledgements

ISEE 2000 Steering Committee

Herman Daly (ISEE)
Richard Norgaard (ISEE)
David Stern (ANZSEE)
John Wolfenden (ANZSEE)
Mike Young (Chair)

Australian Organising Committee

Rod Gill (University of New England)
Rosemary James (ANU)
Padma Lal (ANU)
Wendy Proctor (ANU)
David Stern (ANU)
Philip Sutton (Green Innovations)
Leigh West (Environment Australia)
John Wolfenden (University of New England)
Mike Young (Chair, CSIRO)

Conference Organisers

John Dash (CCE, ANU)
Beth Stoodley (CCE, ANU)

International Advisory Committee

Russell Blamey (ANU, Australia)
Marc Carter (Environment Australia, Australia)
Kanchan Chopra (U. Delhi, India)
Mick Common (U. Strathclyde, UK)
Bob Costanza (U. Maryland, USA)
Herman Daly (U. Maryland, USA)
Steve Dovers (ANU, Australia)
Clive Hamilton (ANU/Australia Institute, Australia)
Susan Hanna (Oregon State U., USA)
Buzz Holling (U. Florida, USA)
Ann-Mari Jansson (Stockholm U., Sweden)
Juan Martinez-Alier (Autonomous U. of Barcelona, Spain)
Kozo Mayumi (U. of Tokushima, Japan)
Tony Norton (RMIT, Australia)
Martin O'Connor (Uni Versailles, France)
Jack Pezzey (ANU, Australia)
John Peet (Uni Canterbury, NZ)
William Rees (UBC, Canada)
Karl-Henrik Robert (The Natural Step, Sweden)
Paul Safonov (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)
Olman Segura (U. Costa Rica, Costa Rica)
Carlos Young (Federal U. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)


Australian Heritage
Centre for the Contemporary Pacific, ANU
Environment Australia
Institute of Engineers


Jennifer Beckman (ISEE)
Edward Elgar (Edward Elgar Publishing, UK)
Henry Nix (ANU, Australia)
Mike Raupach (CSIRO, Australia)
Kali Sanyal (ANU, Australia)
Elizabeth Wilman (University of Calgary, Canada)

Communication with the Conference Organisation

Please address all general inquiries to Beth Stoodley:

Phone: +61 2 6249 3806
Fax: +61 2 6279 8066
Mailing Address: Centre for Continuing Education
The Australian National University
Canberra ACT 0200

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