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Call for Exhibitors

Exhibitors' Registration Form

An invitation to publishers, industries and manufacturers with a focus on ecological economics to exhibit wares to a cross section of people with a common interest

The conference is being held in the Manning Clark Centre [26a] at The Australian National University. The foyer offers excellent opportunities for display as delegates will enter sessions from this area. A display space consists of one table 1.8 meters X .9 meters and one display board 2.250 metres high X 1.270 metres wide.

Please note equipment other than specified as constituting a display space will incur additional expense. If you wish to attend social activities related to the conference please fill in a normal registration form for payment of these.

The cost of one exhibition space is $A1000 for profit organisation and $A500 for non profit organisations. The cost includes one free registration plus listing in the program as an exhibitor.

Customs information on Australian Government Web site:
Tel: 61 2 6275 5041
Fax: 61 2 6275 6005

Inserts in the registration satchels for organizations not attending the conference cost $A800 for profit organizations and $A300 for nonprofit organizations. Material to be inserted in satchels must arrive in Canberra, Australia at the address given below by 16 June 2000.

Opportunity is also available to advertise in the conference program:

A half page advertisement $A200
Full page advertisement $A400
The page size is A4 i.e. 2100mm X 2970mm.

Please send camera ready copy to arrive in Canberra, Australia at the address given below by 30 April 2000.


Beth Stoodley
Centre for Continuing Education
The Australian National University

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