The Australia New Zealand Society for Ecological Economics

ANZSEE Executive 2013

Leonie Pearson
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Leonie has been engaged with ANZSEE (on and off) for over a decade, this is her first time as president and she is keen to make the society more collaborative and engaged with policy and research. Having experienced private consulting, government and industry she is having fun in academia doing great research around sustainability and resilience with government; for the communities in the Murray-Darling Basin and urban centers.


Vice President
Peter Daniels

Peter is an ecological economist at the School of Environment at Griffith University in Brisbane.  Griffith Uni was established in the 1970s as an innovative inter-disciplinary university focused upon environment and other key theme areas (so this where I belong! ) Peter has an interdisciplinary background with degrees in environmental science, economics, sociology and human geography. Major research foci include sustainable consumption, well-being, and techniques for measuring and reducing the impact of humans on nature (for example, environmental input-output, eco-footprint, material flow and life cycle analyses).



Boyd Blackwell

Boyd belongs to ANZSEE because he believes in the philosophy of combining principles of ecology and economics and working in multi-disciplinary teams to solve problems. He also believes that real community change comes from the people themselves and the groups that they develop like ANZSEE.




Megan Evans

Megan joined the ANZSEE executive in 2012 as she was keen to become more involved with the ecological economics community across Australia and NZ. Megan’s research is focused on decision making and policy development for environmental issues, by drawing upon principles and tools from economics and conservation science.


General Executive

Sally Joseph Website

Sally’s research interests lie in taxation policy and in developing taxation frameworks and models to deliver sustainable economic and environmental outcomes. Sally sees membership of ANZSEE as access to an enriching environment where people from diverse backgrounds are united by a common interest in ecological economics.




Kim McClymont

Kim joined the ANZSEE in 2000 and has been on the Executive & 3 Conference Committees since 2009. Kim joined ANZSEE as the Society aligned with his thinking and key interest in the need for an integrated multi-disciplinary approach to addressing critical ecological, economic & social sustainability issues.



Ralph Chapman

Ralph has been involved in ANZSEE since the 1990s. He’s an ecological economist who’s worked in government, consulting, and the academy. His interests revolve around practical ways of doing something about climate change – that is, mitigation policies in transport, energy, housing and cities.

He teaches at Victoria University of Wellington, where he heads the Environmental Studies programme. He is also a co-director of the NZ Centre for Sustainable Cities, an urban research network.


Robert Gale






Tor Hundloe






Co-opted Executive

Steve Hatfield-Dodds Website

Steve was a founding member of ANZSEE, and is a past President and Vice President of the regional society.  He is convinced of the power of ideas and robust analysis, when they are communicated well and with integrity.  His research interests revolve around the theory and practice of adaptive governance – how societies and groups evolve policies and institutions that deliver better outcomes.

Within this largish topic he is particularly interested in policy design and assessment, sustainability, the power of ideas, understanding and harnessing complex motivations and values, the science-policy nexus, and the contribution of social and economic sciences to governing interdependent complex adaptive systems.  His career is divided pretty evenly between work as a senior policy advisory and as researcher.

He is fond of espresso and appreciates dark chocolate.


John McKibbin

Consulting policy analyst at the UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures focussed on the integrated assessment of urban water and energy systems.




Alex Lo

Alex has been engaging in the ecological economics community since he moved to Australia from Hong Kong in 2008. He is now Lecturer in Environmental Economics in Griffith University, working on the political economy of climate change and natural disaster.





Md Younus Website

Dr Younus joined the ANZSEE in 2007 as an Executive. He is a Lecturer of Flinders University and also works as a Visiting Research Fellow of the University of Adelaide. Dr Younus has interest on vulnerability and adaptation, ecological valuation, and urban environment.