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About ANZSEElist

Welcome to the ANZSEElist mailing list!

The list is intended as a forum through which researchers, government decision makers, community and environment management industry groups can interact and contribute to a higher overall level of transdisciplinary learning in relation to environmental management and policy

Who should participate in this discussion group:

  • community groups with an interest in ecologically balanced environmental management and policy;
  • professionals from the environmental management industries seeking constructive interaction with the economics, ecological science, sociology and management research communities;
  • the ecological science, economics, sociology, and management research communities;
  • environmental consultants and managers;
  • policy professionals at the National, State and Local government levels;
  • resource managers;
  • extension professionals and community planning and development facilitators;
  • regional development professionals; and
  • anyone else with interests in a sustainable future.
Though this list is physically located in Australia and hosted by ANZSEE, particpation by an international group of list members is welcomed and encouraged.

Subscribing to the List

Joining the list is free and is open to all who wish to be involved in ongoing dialogue about various aspects of ecological economics, sustainable development and transdisciplinary methodology.

To subscribe go to the web page and follow the "subscribe" link, or send a blank email (from the computer you want to use for receiving messages from the list) to:

Members can send mail to the list if they address their message to

To unsubscribe, send a blank email (from the computer from which you originally subscribed to the list) to:

Further Information

For all inquiries relating to the ANZSEELIST, please contact Vicky Forgie at

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