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ANZSEE President - Steve Hatfield Dodds

Dr Steve Hatfield Dodds leads a branch dealing with policy analysis, emerging technologies and national emissions accounts at the Department of Climate Change. Previously Steve was the Research Director of the Social and Economic Integration initiative, one of CSIRO’s Emerging Science Areas. Steve joined CSIRO 2002, bringing extensive experience in the practicalities of integrated analysis and its application to complex public policy issues, particularly in the areas of sustainability, industry policy, governance and performance assessment, and taxation. His previous career includes senior positions in The Allen Consulting Group, Commonwealth Treasury, and Environment Australia.

Steve’s research interests focus on:

  • integrated approaches to human motivation, well-being and social values;
  • adaptive governance and the design of institutions and policy tools;
  • impact and performance assessment for socially contested decisions;
  • integration methods for understanding nested complex systems

His research and public policy contributions were recognized by his inclusion in The Bulletin magazine’s inaugural ‘Smart 100’ list of leading Australian innovators (October 2003). More information on his publications is provided at

Steve is the President of the Australia and New Zealand Society for Ecological Economics ( ANZSEE) and a visiting fellow at the Australian National University.

Steve was interviewed by Radio New Zealand on the 16 Ocober 2006 for the "Ideas" programme on the topic of "Climate Change and Happiness". This can be accessed from Radio New Zealand's website using the following link if you have Windows Media Player.

Last updated: November 2006

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