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ANZSEE Conference 2012

July 11th, 2012 | Posted by anzsee in News - (1 Comments)

The ANZSEE 2012 Conference seeks to contribute to the knowledge and understanding required to build a sustainable and satisfying society.
Ecological economics is a transdisciplinary field of study that explores the multiple relationships between complex and interdependent social, economic and ecological systems.  Understanding these systems requires pluralist and integrative approaches, an appetitive for collaboration and learning, and expertise and a commitment to rigour within individual disciplines. 
Researchers from social sciences, economics and biophysical sciences are all very welcome. 




  • Greening the Economy
  • Social and Political Dimensions
  • Policy Issues and Applications in Ecological Economics
  • Challenges and Frontiers in Methods

Expressions of Interest, Registrations and Submissions:

Conference Website:



  • Dr Richard Denniss, Australia Institute – Making a difference in public debate
  • Professor Lyn Carson, University of Western Sydney – Politics, deliberative democracy and citizen engagement
  • Professor Michael Gillings, Macquarie University – Living in the Anthropocene
  • Dr Rosalind Bark, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences – Challenges in Making Values Visible
  • Mark Lound, ABS – Accounting for Environmental Assets and Outcomes